The beautiful natural water,

which awoke from dearly

long time sleep・・・

Reliable underground spring water which is made in Japan.

Sourced from the middle of Nagara-river from an environment which has an abundance of nature surrounded by mountains, the location is rare even in the Chubu (Central) region of Japan. This highly transparent and high quality water has been selected by the Ministry of Environment in Japan as one of the [100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved waters]. This is natural underground spring water which has been filtered through natural rock filters for many years. In order to eliminate any tiny particles and bacteria naturally found in spring water our facility is rigorously well managed. Our purification method does not involve boiling the water, instead we use a state of the art filtering method. This method also preserves the minerals and deliciousness.


The water is the closest to our human body.

pH(potential of hydrogen)7.3 & Water Hardness 27 mg/L― It’s a marvelous numerical value for water. In our human body, the 60~70% is the water. The most important thing for drinking water is not only taste but also absorbable speed in the body, and this is connecting with the optimum pH & Water Hardness. Our product is one of the best water for absorbency in the body: pH7.3 and the quite low water hardness 27mg/L. Our product is gifted with this great combination, which is the closest to our human body. In addition, it’s suitable for the baby milk, tea, and coffee.












State-of-the-art filter, and Ozone disinfection method is known for outstanding power of disinfection

We are filtering by the heat-resistant and chemical-resistant art ceramic filter. And we are using ozone disinfection for bottles and caps. Normally it’s enough for 10 seconds, however, just in case, we are doing ozone disinfection for 20 seconds. After that, we are cleaning them by the aseptic water. So we are making an effort to provide the safety products for our customers.




Our Products

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Nowadays, the drinking water products have been so active that the production area becomes a brand. Our factory is one of the largest water factories in Japan, and our product comes from middle of Nagara-river as known as Selected 3 famous clear streams in Japan. Such a high quality domestic products could be provided as your company’s brand with great incentive.